Top Ways To Avoid Bloating & Cramps

Find out what you can do to prevent bloating and cramps!

Bloating and Cramps are two of the most uncomfortable — and most common– stomach issues out there. Everyone suffers from these from time to time, and some people are chronic sufferers.  While they both seem common, there are ways to avoid them!  Read more about how to prevent them below!

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Avoid the Usual Culprits

We know that some specific foods cause gas, bloating, or cramping simply because of their contents (sulfuric compounds, high fiber content, etc.), so make sure you read up on what foods commonly cause these problems, and start cutting them out of your diet to see if you feel a difference! If you see a difference after cutting out one of these common culprits, consider keeping it out of your diet for good.


Use Probiotics

Find a good probiotic supplement, which will help you cut down on inflammation from foods.  Take them along with whatever other multivitamins or supplements you take daily.  They’ll help to regulate the flora in your gut, which will help to prevent these common digestive problems.


Change your Lifestyle

Some changes in your day-to-day life and habits might help you prevent these uncomfortable symptoms if you are a chronic sufferer.  It might be helpful for you to eat smaller meals, stop chewing gum, and stop using straws– all actions that will help prevent you from swallowing excess air.  You might need to find more time in the day to get moving (even if you’re just walking), which will help gas in your body to shift around instead of sitting in place and becoming concentrated.


Use Over-the-Counter Remedies

You could benefit from lactase supplements when consuming dairy, or a host of other OTC medicines that can help to prevent (or if you’ve already eaten, alleviate) cramping, bloating, and gas.  Do your research about which might be best for you, and if you have any questions, make sure you consult with your doctor.


Consume Peppermint

Often used to soothe upset stomach symptoms or help digestion, it’s a common and easy to find flavor.  Peppermin tea or peppermint candies can be used after eating to help settle your stomach and aid digestion.


What do you do to avoid cramping, bloating, and gas?


Find out what you can do to prevent bloating and cramps!



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