Top 10 Foods and Drinks that Cause Bloating

Find out what foods and drinks to eliminate from your diet to get rid of bloating!

Bloating is the worst, and it happens to all of us at some point or another.  Most bloat can be avoided though, because it’s caused by the foods or drinks that we consume! Read the list below and see what foods or drinks you can eliminate from your diet to help avoid bloating!

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Carbonated Drinks

Because they contain carbon dioxide, these drinks are terrible for bloating!  Try drinking cold teas or infused water if you need something with flavor!


Sugar Alcohols

Do Xylitol, Sorbitol, or Mannitol ring a bell?  These are commonly used as sweeteners in processed foods and drinks, and they are known to cause inflammation and bloating.  Make sure you’re checking the food labels and ingredients lists of the processed foods you put in your cart!


Alcohol can make you retain water.  No thanks!  Make sure you keep your alcohol intake to a minimum during the week in order to avoid bloating!


Beans and Lentils

Because of their fiber contents, beans can be tough to digest for some people.  Some beans, such as pinto beans or black beans, can be easier to digest than others (thanks to the thinner skins they have).


Dairy Products

Lactose can bother some people and cause severe bloating or other stomach problems.  Even if you don’t have a serious intolerance to lactose, you might experience some bloating after eating cheese, heavy creams, millk, or yogurt.


Apples and Pears

These fruits are great to eat on the go, but because of their high fiber content, they can sometimes cause bloating while being digested.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Kale and broccoli, along with a few others, can cause bloating while being digested. They contain a type of carbohydrate called Raffinose, and our bodies don’t produce the enzyme necessary to digest it. Roasting these veggies will make them a bit easier to digest.



While it was originally a controversial claim, it’s now a widely accepted fact that many people have an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat and wheat products.  It’s everywhere in processed foods, too, so if you think you have this intolerance, it’s time to start clean eating!



These guys contain fructans, which are soluble fibers that can cause bloating.  If you think they’re causing bloating, try cutting them out of your cooking ingredients for a few weeks and see if their absence makes a difference!


I know, I know.  It’s delicious.  But it’s also packed with fat and salt.  All of that sodium can cause you to retain water, and the fat will prevent your belly from emptying on a normal schedule, causing you to feel bloated and full.

What foods do you try to avoid to stop bloating in its tracks?


Find out what foods and drinks to eliminate from your diet to get rid of bloating!

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