Top 10 Foods That Age You

Just like there are foods that can help to keep us young, there are also foods that age us!  Make sure you know what foods to avoid to keep premature aging at bay!  Keep reading below to find the 10 worst foods that cause us to age faster!

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Energy Drinks

Whether you only drink them in cocktails, have a daily habit, or only partake occasionally, energy drinks should be eliminated from your healthy diet!  They’re packed with sugar, and the acid they contain can really damage the enamel on your teeth.  The caffeine content and the sodium these drinks pack can also lead to dehydration, which isn’t doing your skin any favors.  Opt for tea, vitamin-packed juices, or water!


Breakfast Meats

Bacon, sausage, ham– these processed meats are high in sodium and often contain preservatives.  These preservatives can produce free radicals in your body, which are a culprit for cancer.  Opt for organic options, farm fresh options that don’t contain chemicals, or vegetarian options.


Deep-fried Anything

When we fry foods like this, we’re heating oil to very high temperatures, which produces free radicals.  These free radicals can do a lot of damage to our health, but there are also more “superficial” concerns– these free radicals are terrible for the aging process on our skin!  Avoid deep-fried foods whenever possible!


Trans Fats

Found in many places (think donuts or pastries, for example), these fats can cause high levels of inflammation, and they also make our skin more vulnerable to UV rays!  Avoid trans fats if you’re looking out for your skin!

Charred Meat

Even if you love your meat really really well done, try to avoid eating meat that’s been blackened.  This charred meat causes inflammation, which can break down collagen in the skin.  If you want a young face, you want to keep your collagen in tact!


High Fructose Corn Syrup

Found to be even worse for your skin than sugar, high fructose corn syrup is found in an incredible amount of processed foods.  The easiest way to cut this out of your diet is to start clean eating!



Drinking to excess can cause those pesky free radicals that age our bodies from the inside out.  The occasional glass or two of wine won’t hurt, but try to choose alcohols that are no sugar added, and definitely avoid those sugary cocktail mixes!


Freezer Dinners

These are sodium bombs!  Even the healthy/diet oriented brands can contain a huge amount of sodium.  The problem is that these are often marketed as sugar-free or fat-free, but when processed food is labeled free of sugar, fat, or sodium, you can bet that those other two factors are packed in tight in order to keep the food tasty!  Try making your own freezer dinners by meal prepping ahead of time!



The salt and the crunch can be so satisfying, but you can find those factors in plenty of other healthy foods!  Potato chips are often fried, and you don’t want those calories or fats.  On top of that, sodium levels on most chips are through the roof, which can cause dehydration, among other problems.  If you’re looking for crunch, try a crisp green apple, carrots and celery (with hummus!), or whole grain crackers!



This little villain pops up all over the place, and while it can be difficult to cut out totally from your diet, it’s not that hard to cut back!  Avoid obvious overloads such as candy, margaritas, and baked goods, because sugar can damage collagen in your skin (among other health problems that we already know about)!


Which of these are you going to cut out of your diet?  What are the replacements that work best for you?


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