Meal Timing Tricks


Try these meal timing tricks to make the most of your metabolism!

Many people have their meals at specific times each day because they fit into our schedules– we wake up at the same time most days, take lunch at the same time most days, and arrive home for dinner at the same time most days.  But did you know that there are meal timing tricks that will help you to reach your fitness and nutrition goals?

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Eat as soon as you wake up.

Eating as soon as you wake up helps prime your metabolism for the rest of the day.  Even if you don’t eat much, try to have an apple, a yogurt, or a small serving of oatmeal.  You can eat more later if you’re not too hungry now, but it’s important to kickstart your metabolism once you’re up for the day.


Give yourself 4-5 hours between meals.

If you add new food on top of food that hasn’t yet been digested, your body won’t digest the new food quite as efficiently.  Try to give yourself 4-5 hours between meals to let your metabolic functions do their work.

Make space between dinner and bedtime.

If you go to bed right after dinner, those calories can turn to fat.  Instead, give yourself a few hours between dinner and bedtime to let your body start to burn some of those calories.  You’ll go to bed still satisfied but with your body in its proper digestion mode.


Time your pre-workout meal correctly.

If you work out during the afternoon or evening, then your pre-workout meal should come 1-3 hours before your session.  If you work out right when you wake up (and thus haven’t eaten much), then dinner the night before should be packed with your favorite workout fuel.

Time your post-workout protein correctly.

The process of recovery lasts around 12 hours after your workout ends, but the first 30 minutes after you finish is an important window of opportunity to pack in the protein.  After that, try consuming 25g of protein every 3-4 hours for the 12 hour period.  The post-workout protein is important, but remember to consume protein at every meal throughout the day as well!

What are your favorite meal timing tricks to keep your metabolism on track?


Try these meal timing tricks to make the most of your metabolism!

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