What To Eat After a Heavy Workout

Find out how to build the perfect post-workout meal!


So you went to the gym and you KILLED your workout. Now what? What you eat next could make a big difference in your fitness results and your recovery time. Keep reading to get the best tips on what to eat after a heavy workout!

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First let’s start with what you shouldn’t eat:

You want to avoid fat right after a heavy workout. Fat by itself isn’t always bad, of course, but you shouldn’t eat fat right after a workout because you want to get carbs and proteins into your body as fast as you can. Including fat in that post-workout meal with slow your digestion, and you want to start digestion your protein and carbs quickly to get the maximum effect from them!

When should you eat?

We know that there’s a window of about an hour after a workout that’s the ideal time to refuel your body, so it’s important to take advantage of your time and make sure you’re feeding yourself after a workout. If you want a shower first, go for it– it doesn’t have to be the second you drop the weights. But you don’t need to shower, go to your car, run some errands, then get home and cook. Do what you need to do (meal-prepping, anyone?) to find a way to eat a healthy meal post-workout.

On to protein and carbs:

You know why you want protein (muscle building woot woot!) but do you know why your body needs carbs after a workout? They aid in the recovery system for your muscles! You need a good meal after an intense workout that consists of easy to digest (which means faster digestion time) food. Here are a few options to consider:


Don’t let the Rocky movies trick you– there is no benefit to consuming raw eggs. In fact, your body will be able to absorb even more of their protein by cooking them. Hard-boiled (easy to prep ahead!) or scrambled, make them however you want to meet your protein goals for your post-workout meal!

Whole Grain Pita and Hummus

Carbs? check. Protein? check. Add your favorite spices to your hummus to keep things exciting, and dip away post-workout to make sure your body has what it needs to recover and grow!

Sweet Potatoes

A baked sweet potato has the perfect dose of healthy carbs to kick your body’s recovery functions into full gear. Pair this with your favorite go-to protein and remember to hydrate yourself!

Rice or Potatoes

While we’re often warned against white starches, they can be helpful right after a workout because the lack of fiber (the reason we’re told to avoid them) actually helps your body to digest them faster, helping you to quickly access the carbs your body needs to begin recovery. Chicken and rice or potatoes is a dish you can even pack ahead of time if you’re really serious about getting that meal in right after your workout is finished.

What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

Find out how to build the perfect post-workout meal!

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