Is Coffee Linked To Weight Gain?

Did you know that coffee can cause weight gain?

Coffee is the first step for most of us each day.  Many people depend on it to get them through the week, but have you ever thought about what it might be doing to your body?  New research shows that moderate coffee intake could have some serious effects on our health.  Read more below!

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While previous research shows that drinking a cup or two of coffee each day can lower blood pressure and even prevent weight gain, news shows that consuming more than 4 cups of coffee per day could have the opposite effect.

There’s plenty of evidence that the extras we add to our coffee can pack in calories to our diets that we aren’t counting properly, but even if you’re drinking your coffee black, the amount you’re drinking is important.  Upwards of 4 cups per day could cause you to store more fat and become resistant to insulin, putting you at risk for diabetes and other diseases associated with being overweight.

Scientists conclude that the benefits or risks are associated with the dose of coffee consumed and not with the sole consumption of coffee.  So what are some ways you can avoid these nasty side effects?

  • Limit your coffee intake to fewer than 4 cups per day.
  • Replace one cup of coffee each day with an antioxidant-rich green tea.
  • Try infused waters if you’re bored with water but trying to cut back on coffee.
  • Water down your cups of coffee with more hot water.  You won’t notice the difference much, but you’ll be consuming less coffee in each cup (so if you DO need to 5 cups per day, make sure they’re not a full dose).
  • Drink hot tea instead of coffee if you’re using it as a way to keep warm.
  • Avoid meetings or working in cafes if coffee is a huge temptation for you.  Stay hydrated and follow a proper diet and sleep schedule and you should find that you don’t need so much caffeine per day.


What are your best tips for cutting your coffee intake down to a healthy level?


Did you know that coffee can cause weight gain?

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