What Celebrities Put In Their Water

We all know that celebrities have it made when it comes to health and fitness– they have the money and the connections to access the priciest treatments, personal trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs, and even ingredients!  While they don’t always live the healthiest habits, they do tend to know some great tips and tricks for staying slim, energized, and strong.  On top of that, they tend to know that one of the keys to the body and health that they want is to stay hydrated!  Plain old water can get boring sometimes, but there are some amazingly creative ways to dress it up in a healthy way1 Keep reading below to see what ingredients celebrities put in their water, and snag some tips for yourself!

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The Classic

You’ve probably seen a ton of photos on instagram of water with cucumber, lemons, and some type of herb (mint, usually).  Pretty and all, but what good can it do you?  Khloe Kardashian and Heidi Klum swear by this mix!


The Creative

Lauren Conrad is known for her start in reality tv, which she used to then launch a successful lifestyle blogging and fashion career.  Her go-to mixes for delicious water?  Orange with lemon and lime, lemon with raspberry and mint, and blackberry with cherry and lime!


The Common

We’ve all heard that warm water with lemon is a great way to kick-start our metabolisms and fat-burning processes each morning.  Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret Angel, takes this tip to heart and has a healthy dose of warm water mixed with lemon juice every morning before her protein shake and breakfast.


So whether it means adding fruit and herbs or changing the temperature, there are tons of ways to change up your 8 daily glasses of water.  Making sure you’re getting enough water each day is a top tip to looking and feeling your best, from your metabolism to your skin to your athletic performance!


Which of these healthy waters are you going to try first?

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