Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Try these anti-aging diet tips to help your skin look and feel more youthful!

Most of us would like to look and feel a bit younger, and ALL of us have seen the anti-aging cream commercials and ads that constantly bombard us.  You know the ones, the fresh-faced 28 year old pushing the wrinkle cream of the month and smiling about how she got rid of those liver spots that she definitely never had!  Anti-aging products have become their own industry, and many of us have coughed up a pretty penny to try out a new product.  But did you know that you can help your body to look and feel younger by making changes in your diet?

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It’s important to remember that sleep, exercise and sunscreen still matter, but there are quite a few changes in your diet that you can make to help yourself look and feel younger!


Drink water.  A LOT of water.

Replace all of your normal sodas with a tall glass of water.  On top of that, aim to get an extra 3-4 glasses of water extra each day, as most doctors agree that the majority of us aren’t drinking as much as we should be.  Your waist and skin will thank you for cutting back on the sugar while simultaneously giving your body the hydration it needs.  A few exceptions to water in your diet are green tea and fortified milk.  Green tea contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants, which will help your sun-damaged skin to repair itself.  Fortified milk serves as a great source of Vitamin A, which is vital to your body’s maintenance of the skin.

Eat oranges (and other vitamin C-packed fruits).

Vitamin C helps make collagen, and collagen is what keeps your skin looking firm and supple.  Try adding oranges, clementines, and other Vitamin C rich fruits to your diet—as snacks, part of breakfast, or a side dish to your lunch.

Eat avocados.

Filled with monounsaturated fat (the healthy type!), these will help your skin to stay hydrated while the healthy fat will help you to better absorb the vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs.  Try smashing an avocado and adding it to your salad in place of dressing.  It can also be eaten on toast and used as a replacement for mayonnais in chicken and tuna salads.  You can also get similar benefits from olive oil and walnuts (which are all, coincidentally, great in salads).

Eat Fish.

Salmon and Tuna are both loaded with healthy omega-3 fats. Some studies suggest that omega-3s, and especially from fish, may stop skin cáncer cells from growing and spreading.

Try for a mínimum of  two 3-ounce servings of fish per week. To get similiar benefits, add flax and chia sedes, walnuts, and eggs to your meals.  Other types of fish that will bring you these benefits include mackerel and sardines.


What are your favorite foods to sneak into your meals to help your skin look younger and healthier?


Try these anti-aging diet tips to help your skin look and feel more youthful!

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