8 Things to Do Before Bed to Lose Weight

Everyone knows that weight loss requires exercise and proper eating habits, but there’s so much more to consider if you want to guarantee your weight loss success!  By forming healthy habits and routines, getting in all the little tips and tricks you’ll need to employ each day becomes really simple and second nature!  Check out this list to find the 10 simple things you can do before bed each night to boost your weight loss success!

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Go to bed at a decent hour.

This seems like a no-brainer, but many of us aren’t getting enough sleep, and good quality sleep!  Count back from the time you have to wake up in the morning, and give yourself 8 hours.  It might mean you need a 10 or 11 pm bedtime, but just try it.  Getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night not only replenishes your energy, it also provides your bodies with the positive effects of fasting, which can help you to get or stay lean!


Stop eating a few hours before you sleep, but don’t go to sleep hungry!

Make sure your dinner is a properly balanced meal so that you’re getting all the nutrients you need before clocking out for the day!  You want to avoid going to sleep immediately after dinner in order to give your body a chance to begin the digestion process normally.  That said, some days just don’t run on the routine we prefer– it’s not healthy to go to bed with a growling stomach, so if you haven’t had a good solid meal but you’re ready to sleep, try having a serving of cottage cheese– it’s low fat, high protein, and also contains tryptophan, which has powerful sleep-inducing effects!


Look away from the screens

Set up a bedtime routine where you use low-lighting and NO SCREENS to start relaxing.  The blue light from screens can prevent the release of sleep hormones that help us get good REM sleep, so try getting in bed and reading a book or a magazine for 30 minutes before you go to sleep! Getting enough high quality sleep will allow your body to heal from your workouts, it will keep your brain happy and your immune system healthy, and will also regulate your hunger hormones throughout the night and the next day!

Lower your ambient temperature

Some people claim to only be able to sleep if they have cold air blowing in the room– this makes a lot of sense because sleep researchers have found that REM sleep occurs more quickly for people sleeping in a room with a slightly lower than ambient temperature.  Even better? When our bodies are cold, they start burning our brown fat reserves– that means belly fat!  Imagine burning belly fat all night while you sleep!  Take advantage of this sleep hack and see the results for yourself!

Take a bath or a shower

Studies show that a shower or bath– especially when our heads are submerged– has a blood-pressure lowering effect.  This makes it a great way to relax and prepare for bed, and also serves as a temperature drop cue for our lizard brains– when humans lived outside under the stars, the temperature drop of the setting sun was a sleep cue!  While we don’t live the same way anymore, studies show that recreating this temperature drop helps prepare our minds and bodies to sleep.


Eat peppers

Seems simple, but did you know that the fat-burning compounds in peppers continue working throughout the digestive process?  Throw some chopped peppers into your dinner a few nights per week to reap the benefits of fat burning while you sleep!

Wear yourself out

While working out in the morning has a lot of fans and positive benefits, working out at night can be great for you, too!  It might not work with your schedule, but it’s worth a try.  You’ll burn even more calories while you’re sleeping, and you’ll sleep well after that physical exertion.  Throw in a post-workout, pre-bedtime shower and you’re setting yourself up for some amazing, restorative sleep!


Have a glass of wine

Red wine contains heart-healthy compounds and can give off a bit of a sleepy effect as well!  Try to have your wine and hour or two before bed so that your body has time to process the sugars it contains.


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