6 Super Healthy Breakfast Grains

Find some new healthy breakfast inspiration here with these 6 healthy breakfast grains!

Breakfast can be one of the most challenging meals of the day to prepare, simply because mornings can be so hectic sometimes.  The temptation to eat processed foods, junk, or to just skip the meal altogether is REAL!  Check out these six healthy breakfast grains that can be prepared in advance to help you get a quick and healthy breakfast every day!

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You may have seen it in salads, but did you know that you can whip this grain up for breakfast, too?  Quinoa is a great breakfast grain because it can be prepared in bulk in advance!  Treat it like a cereal and mix it with your favorite milk– whole milk, coconut milk, or almond milk– and heat it.  Add your prepared fruit on top and you’ve got an instagram-worthy healthy breakfast bowl!  The protein in quinoa will help you to stay full until lunch, and you won’t be loading up on highly processed or sugary stuff from a box!



This is a great gluten-free option if you’re craving oatmeal, because you can prepare it the same way.  You can go sweet or savory depending on the ingredients you decide to toss in.  The texture of buckwheat porridge is a bit creamier and less lumpy than traditional oatmeal, and has a slightly nutty taste to it!

Steel-cut oats

A traditional breakfast staple, steel-cut oats make a great start to your day.  Heart-healthy and quick to make on the stove or the microwave (or overnight in the fridge!), buying steel-cut oats gives you more fiber than the instant version.  Add your favorite nuts and fruits to boost the nutrients count!


You might not have tried this dish, but you really should give it a shot!  Try this:  warm muesli with ricotta (or greek yogurt) and honey.  It’s quick and savory, and you can add other fruits or nuts if you’d like!


Brown Rice

I know that in the western world, rice isn’t a common breakfast, but hear me out:  I had a friend who hated breakfast foods. She’s not a big fan of fruit and doesn’t like honey or yogurt.  She loves savory breakfasts, like eggs and bacon and toast.  So when she went on a stricter diet, her nutritionist suggested she make brown rice bowls for the morning– stirfried veggies that can be batch prepped at the beginning of the week, mixed with brown rice that can also be batch prepped at the beginning of the week– TaDa!  Unconventional?  Absolutely.  Did it work for her? Absolutely.  Maybe you should give it a try!



An Arabic grain that you might not have heard of before, this stuff acts as a prebiotic that helps to grow healthy gut bacteria.  It also offers up over 4 times the amount of fiber than brown rice!  Serve it warm with fruit, ricotta (or yogurt), and honey to get your day started right!  You can find this grain in your local arabic supermarket.


What are your favorite breakfast dishes?

Find some new healthy breakfast inspiration here with these 6 healthy breakfast grains!

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