5 Ways to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are tough– they often make us willing to go straigh for candy or junk food as the quickest vehicle to get some glucose pumping through out veins.  But you don’t have to run and grab a soda just because you feel like getting some sugar!  Find out 5 ways to curb your sugar cravings below!

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Eat Fruit.

Ok, it technically has sugar, so if you’re very specifically trying to cut sugar out of your diet, this isn’t the tip for you.  Most of us are trying to avoid added sugar or refined sugar, though, and fruit is packed with natural sugar and tons of vitamins, making it a great way to stop your sugar craving before you head to the junk food aisle!  Just beware– eat whole fruit so you get all the benefits of its vitamins and fiber.  Skip the juices, as they often have added sugar or other ingredients, and you won’t get the benefits of fiber!


Use Honey.

If you just can’t stomach straight tea or black coffee but you’re kicking the sugar habit, try adding a bit of honey.  You can also go with stevia if you’d like, but the goal is to stop dumping spoonfuls of sugar on everything!  Add honey to your toast with nut butter or to your yogurt as a natural source of sweetness!

Have an Egg.

I know if you’re craving sugar hardcore, an egg is probably the last thing you want, but hear me out!  Eggs are the number one top food for choline, a nutrient our bodies need for basic functioning.  Because eggs contain a bit of fat, choline, and protein all packed together, having a serving of eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, you name it) can help your stomach to chill out and regulate your blood sugar to a healthy level so you can kill almost any craving you’re having without undoing your diet.


Have a Flavorful Snack.

Your body might be wanting sugar, but it’s very likely that you’re actually BORED when craving sugar!  IF you can definitely tell that you’re also hungry, have a snack, but pack in the flavor!  Have some hummus with oregano or sri racha on top, make a bowl of guacamole with carrot sticks, have a salad with an intense cheese grated on top, eat some eggs with paprika sprinkled on top– the key is to get a healthy snack and then up the flavor levels for things that aren’t necessarily sweet but will definitely hold your attention while you’re eating them.  From there, your body will regulate your blood sugar and your mouth and brain will be happy about the flavors they just experienced!


Get Enough Sleep.

When we’re tired and worn out, sugar is always an easy, fast, and cheap way to boost our energy– temporarily.  We all know that the crash is what comes next, and if you keep using sugar to up your energy, you end up in the cycle of sugar addiction because you need more sugar to get over the crash from your previous dose!  Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and on top of that, make sure that each meal you’re eating has a healthy mix of good carbs, protein, and healthy fats.  You won’t crave sugar nearly as much when your body has the proper fuel it needs to get you through the day!

What are your best tricks for curbing your sugar cravings?

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