The 5 Best Carbs That Will Uncover Your Abs

Many of us have been taught (incorrectly) that carbs and abs don’t have anything in common, and that they are actually enemies!  Wrong!  Our bodies need carbs to function optimally, but of course, not all carbs are made equally.   Keep reading the list below to find out which carbs are best for you and your abs!

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Cold Potatoes

Think potato salad straight from the fridge– the cold temperatures transform the potatoes’ digestible starches to resistant starches, which means they’re harder to digest.  Why do you want to eat something harder to digest?  Because while your body is working to break down those resistant starches, you’re also burning fat!  More of that, please!



Seems simple (and it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of carbs), but it’s true– the carbs in apples are minimal and healthy, and come packed with tons of other benefits!  With one apple, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of carbohydrates while also taking in a great dose of dietary fiber.  Add in the fact that apples contain flavenoids that help to burn fat, and you’ll want to make this fruit your go-to snack!



The most protein-packed grain out there, quinoa also packs a dose of heart-healthy fats!  Add the fiber and B vitamins that come naturally in quinoa, and you’re looking at one of the healthiest carbohydrates out there! The great news about quinoa is that it’s incredibly versatile, too, so it can be used as a breakfast cereal-type grain, a rice replacement, or even a salad topping!



Think lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas– all of these are basically superfoods, and make a great carbohydrate option because they also come packed with lots of fiber and protein!  They’re also known to help lower LDL cholestoerol (that’s the bad one!), and are shown in studies to aid in weight loss!


Whole Grain Pasta

Once you’ve got the toppings on your pasta, you won’t even notice the difference between this and regular pasta, but your body will thank you!  Whole grain pasta hasn’t been stripped of it’s natural nutrients the way refined pasta has been, and it won’t have as much sugar, either!  Toss in the fact that there are whole grain pastas made from all types of grains, and you’re moving into exciting opportunities to experiment with new ingredients and recipes to find something you love!


Which of these carbs are you going to put on your shopping list for your next grocery run?

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