3 Foods Surgeons Are Calling “Death Foods”

We all know that some foods aren’t great to consume, but they aren’t all the same.  Some of these unhealthy foods are so bad that some surgeons have begun referring to them as “death foods”!  Sound dramatic?  A little.  But perhaps that name is warranted, and even necessary, in order to grab our attention and convince us to stay away from these dangerous foods.  Just what are they?  Keep reading the list below to find out what these so-called death foods really are, and why you should be avoiding them!

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Sugary drinks

Whether it’s soda, which we already know is packed with dangerous chemicals, or fruit juice with added sugar, the point is that sugary drinks are one of these “death foods” because sugar is toxic and causes many healthy problems.  While sugar can be naturally ocurring, meaning that a totally natural fruit juice is fine, unless you make it yourself, it’s likely that it contains some form of added sugar (which can have tricky names on the ingredients label to hide this increasingly undesirable ingredient).  While sugar is something we should all be aiming to cut out of our diets as much as possible, it’s especially dangerous to drink sugary drinks, because we don’t become full or satisfied, and we often don’t realize how much sugar we’re really consuming. Lay off the soda AND the fruit juice or energy drinks, and try to drink your coffee or tea with stevia instead of sugar, and drink more water instead.  If you’re worried about getting bored with water, check out these great infused water ideas here!


Whole grains

While these are often touted as a healthier option than refined grains, the truth is that they still aren’t the ideal way to consume carbohydrates.  You can get more carbs, fiber, and nutrients from vegetables than you can from whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.  This doesn’t mean whole grains are bad for you no matter what, but the truth is that many of us tend to abuse whole grain foods because we think they’re a health food.  The truth is they’re a healthier option compared to an unhealthy food, but it doesn’t mean that they should make an appearance on our plates every day.  Try packing more vegetables on your plate if you really want to see a difference in your health!

Canola and other vegetable oils

These need to make their way out of your pantry, stat!  Canola and other vegetable oils are hydrogenated, meaning they can cause your body to store more fat, as well as increase inflammation in your body.  It may seem harmless if you’re only using it to grease your pan, but switch to other healthier oils like olive or coconut, or use an organic butter instead!


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