The 3 Best Ways to Triple Your Energy

Everyone wants to have more energy– energy to spend with the kids, energy to really kick it up a notch at the gym, energy to pursue hobbies, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy making the most of our free time.  The truth is that after a full day of work, caring for our families,and maintaining the basics of our lives to fully function, like laundry, errands, and cooking, most of us are worn out.  Try these 4 tips to triple your energy levels and get the most out of your life!

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Triple up on the basics for triple the energy.

You know that it’s important to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat properly.  It’s common sense, and it’s constantly tossed at us as if it were life-altering advice, but here’s the thing:  it’s good advice.  Some of the best advice, actually!  Try making a serious effort to get enough water and sleep every single day for a month, and in that amount of time, try your best to eat clean (or cleanish if that’s all you can manage)– that might mean doing some meal prep, planning for your day’s snacks before leaving the house, downloading a water-tracking app, and setting alarms to tell you when you have to be in bed, but give it an honest shot for a month.  When your body is getting the proper amount of sleep, the proper amount of hydration, and the proper amount of nutrients it needs to function, you’ll feel younger, more energetic, less tired, and happier!  Triple your energy by giving your body the full ingredients list that it needs.

Find out what’s slowing you down.

It might sound dramatic, but getting an allergy test could reveal some interesting information that you might not otherwise know.  Many people with light to moderate allergies experience chronic fatigue caused by their allergies, and many of these people didn’t know that this was an allergy symptom.  We always thing of allergic reactions as anaphylactic shock, hives, etc., but now that you know that fatigue is a symptom, don’t you think it’s worth it to get checked out?  Quite a lot of people have sensitivities to dairy or gluten, as well as many other common ingredients. While some allergens will be difficult to avoid, others can be removed from your home or diet very easily, making this a quick way to find a solution to your chronic fatigue and lack of energy!

Develop these 3 mindful practices.

Once you know you’re getting enough hydration, sleep, and nutrients, time to level up:  changing the way your mind processes your environment, your interactions, and your own personal thoughts sounds like a big task (and it is), but there are three simple ways you can get started on the mental and emotional aspects of tripling your energy.  First, set aside a few minutes each day to meditate.  Whether you do it on your couch, in your garden, or in the shower, take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to just be calm and quiet.  You don’t have to enter a trance or anything intimidating– even if you can’t clear your mind totally, just acknowledge each thought and then visualize pushing it out of your mind.  Taking this time to purposefully avoid absorbing any outside inputs can help your brain to relax, relieve stress, and prepare you for a big meeting, a crazy schedule, or anything else life is going to throw at you.  Besides meditation, try to revamp your to-do lists.

Besides your pre-set to-do list (go to work, pick up the kids, buy groceries), the reality of life is that you can probably do 3 additional things at most.  Block all of the other clutter out and focus on the three big things you want to achieve each day.  Three is, mentally, an easily managed number compared to the 19 things you might otherwise list (it’s easy to fill out a to-do list if we really sit down and thing about it!), so stick to three for a few weeks and feel the difference!

Finally, find a physical activity that you enjoy, and enjoy it fully.  Whether it’s a kickboxing class, walking in the park, or practicing pilates by yourself in your living room, your body and mind need an outlet.  It sounds counterproductive, spending more energy to get more energy, but that is indeed how it works!  The mental stress that exercise relieves is notable, and the physical effect is a stronger, more agile body that tires out less quickly.  A workout doesn’t have to be scary and intense.  It does, however, have to be something you can commit to regularly and that you enjoy.  Try a few different workouts until you find one that makes you feel great!


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