10 Habits that Make you Sick and Fat

Habits can be good or bad, but no matter what, they affect our everyday lives.  The good news is that habits can be formed and changed, so it’s never too late to form good habits and it’s always possible to change the bad ones!  Find out which 10 habits are making you sick and fat, and how to make positive changes!

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You’re Still Drinking Soda

It’s easy to be addicted to sodas– the sugar and caffeine rush is nice, to say the least, and weaning yourself off brings on a few days of irritability and sluggishness, so the easiest thing to do is to just keep drinking it!  But did you know that sodas can contain things like flame retardant chemicals, BPA can-linings that contain synthetic estrogen, and caramel coloring which has been proven to cause cancer?  When you think of soda like that, it sounds disgusting.  Break your soda habit cold-turkey and power through a few days of grumpiness to get to the other side.  To make it easier, pack fruit infused water and tea with you each day so you always have something interesting to drink and won’t feel tempted by the vending machine!


Your House is Void of Healthy Snacks

Even if your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are healthy, snacking on unhealthy foods can totally undo any progress you’ve made in  your diet.  Cut the cookies, chips, and candy from your shopping list and take a few minutes each week to chop celery and carrots, cut cheese cubes, bake kale chips, air pop popcorn, etc. to make sure you always have healthy snacks on hand!

You Love Empty Calorie Traps

To be fair, everyone loves empty calorie traps, but it’s important to avoid them! Any trip to a restaurant is full of empty carb traps– bread, chips, happy hour cocktail specials, etc.  They’re also to be found in the snack aisle at your supermarket!  Go on the offensive and decide that you aren’t eating carbs unless there’s vitamins, protein, or a little healthy fat involved in the mix, too!


You Watch TV All Evening

Watching TV, besides the obvious effects on our brains, usually means sitting down.  And on top of that, it usually means eating while sitting down!  Why is that bad?  Most of us sit all day at work, which we already know is bad for our health.  If you’re doing it when you get home, that’s just adding fuel to the health fire.  Now imagine the mindless munching that we’ve all partaken in now and again from being hypnotizes in front of the television.  We’re not burning any calories, we’re consuming even more of them, and we’re missing out on prime time opportunities to get out and move, go to the gym, or socialize with friends!  Try limiting your TV time and take a walk each evening, take the dog for an extra walk to the park, or even just clean around the house– the important thing is to make sure you get a bit more movement in each day.


You don’t Get Enough Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for regulating our metabolisms and emotions, but many of us don’t get the recommended amount of hours each night.  7-8 hours is the ideal amount of sleep, and it needs to be quality sleep!  That means making your room as dark as possible, lowering the ambient temperature a bit, and avoiding the blue light of television or telephone screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed.


You don’t Release Stress Well

Life today is stressful, it’s a known fact.  Work, family, finances– the list goes on when it comes to sources of stress.  It’s going to happen, but how we deal with that stress plays a big role in our health.  Make sure you’re not stewing in stress.  Find your best self care strategies for stress relief and use them every day!  Whether it’s a yoga or kickboxing class, a run around the block, a good chat with your mom, a hot bath– do it!  Stress raises your cortisol level which, among other terrible things, contributes to fat accumulation, so make sure you’re managing your stress properly!


You Order Combo Meals at Lunch

Studies show that you could be adding hundreds of calories more to your meals by ordering the combo meal instead of just the main portion.  It’s likely that you’d otherwise be full with just that sandwich, but with more food looking you in the face, you’re likely to keep eating even after you’re not hungry.

You Always Clean Your Plate

Many of us were made to clean our plates as children, but now you’re an adult, so stop it! The truth is that often we’re well on our way to being full before our plate is empty, but while the food is there, we’ll just keep eating.  Stop eating when you’re about 75-80% full, and just sip your drink.  After about ten to fifteen minutes, you’ll probably realize that you’re now totally full (and if you’re not,you can opt for a healthy snack later).


You Don’t Lift Weights.

If you want to burn more fat, you need to add muscle to your body.  The best way to do that is by lifting weights.  It’ll also boost your body’s testosterone production, which is one of the hormones you can activate in your body to burn more fat! Hit the weights section up 2-3 times per week and then follow up with a healthy meal afterwards!


You Eat Too Quickly

Everybody is on a tight schedule these days, but it’s still important to take your time when eating.  This will help  you to swallow less air, which will help with  gas and bloating.  Plus, it will help you to really focus on what you’re eating and to recognize when you’re full, which will help you to avoid overeating!

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